2 of 5 Favorite Simpson Episodes

I'm realizing that choosing the top 5 Simpson's episodes is darn near impossible. Especially because I want to be fair and try to not choose just the Homer or Bart-centric episodes. Like many others I know, it definitely took me a while to warm up to the Lisa and Marge characters, but even they have had their moments. So tonight I'm going with one of my more favorite Marge/family episodes. Sure, there's still a ton of Homer in it, but it would not be funny without him.

"The Joy of Sect" - Episode 191, Season 9
I've seen this episode more times than I can count and it's never lost its "funny." When Homer is brainwashed into joining a new "religion" - the Movementarians - it' s up to Marge and her ever unwavering faith to get Homer and the kids back on God's side. What you have to love about this episode is that almost every "religion" out there is somehow made fun of in the course of this episode. No one is perfect, and let's face it, all religions have flaws. But come on, who could possibly resist being able to hop on a space ship to Blisstonia in exchange for all of your belongings and 10 trillion years of labor?

No quotes tonight as my back pain is pretty bad today, but I will leave you with my favorite repetitive chant. And believe it or not, B. and I have actually found quite a few appropriate occasions to use this as well in normal, everyday life. You just have to love The Simpson's.

The Leader is good. The Leader is great. We surrender our will. As of this date.

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