Help Me

Tomorrow one of my bosses is back from Hawaii. It's been two glorious weeks since we've had to deal with him and tomorrow that all ends.

I don't know why this idiot irks me so much. Maybe it's the non-stop lying, trying to make himself perfect and brilliant in the eyes of others. Maybe it's because he's spent the last nine months going on and on about his foot, most of it completely made up. This is a guy who has a good family, a great job (he's a partner), yet it's not good enough. He's one of those people who has not progressed beyond a six year old level. He's insecure, self-absorbed and selfish. He cannot admit a mistake or simply not knowing something. He's not that smart, yet has somehow managed to be successful in his career by surrounding himself with smart people. He has no concern about others unless it can benefit him in some way. He has to constantly look for validation and approval, and everyone around him gives it to him. He's "too important" to be spending time working on projects, yet has no skills to do other things such as bring in business or run the business. This leads to him having nothing to do, which leads to lies about how he has some emergency making it necessary for him to come in late and leave early. He is completely unproductive and causes people to be less productive through constant interruptions that can only be described as "look at me and how great I am!" talks.

It's no wonder I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Maybe there's a chance his foot exploded from all of the "cliff diving" (his words) and won't be returning?

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