A couple of weeks ago I was in San Diego for about 36 hours for business and took my boss to Fidel's in Carlsbad. B and I went there in 2000 and thought it was some of the best Mexican food we've had. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed this time. So if you're in the area, I'd try out one of the other Mexican restaurants instead.

Another word of advice - avoid red-eye flights. Completely worthless. The only good thing was that my boss was able to get me upgraded to first class, so at least I got to spend four hours in a more comfortable seat, even though I had two screaming kids behind me that kept me up the whole flight. I luckily got the day off work after my red-eye, but all I did was sleep and lounge around like a lazy-person because I had absolutely no energy. Not to mention I didn't even know where I was or what day it was. Very messed up.

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