Wow, it's July already?

I can't believe it's July. July 8, to be exact. Where has the time gone? I've once again been neglecting my blog. I think I'm running out of creativity. I have been writing a lot for work lately and typically when I have free time it is then the last thing I feel like doing.

So here's what's on my mind lately:

5. My grandmother from California and her husband are arriving here in Akron today. And it's not just for a visit, they are actually moving here. Their furniture is here, the place is set...about 15 minutes from our house, and about 5 minutes from my parents. I have never been close to this grandmother, mostly because she spent most of her life showing off for others and caring less that she had a family. Now things are changing, she's older, and I just don't know how I feel about the situation. For now I'm going to assume I'll see her no more than I did when she lived in California. On the other hand, maybe I should be a better person, give her a chance, and try and spend some time with her. It wouldn't kill me to know more about this side of the family. I still find myself being very skeptical, though.

4. I got a voice mail from my good friend Moe, who's been MIA since February. He's been going through a lot of changes, which included moving, new cell phone, e-mail, etc., so he basically became "missing." Now he's back, and at least I have his cell. He's a good guy, and I've now known him for almost 12 years. That's a long time for someone who moves about every 1-2 years. I'm looking forward to catching up with him.

3. We bought paint yesterday, which should cover the rest of the house. I'm not going to do the painting myself though, as I completely suck at it. (Yes, I admit my faults) So, I'm going to have Mom come by in a week or two. She enjoys that stuff and has a talent for it. I'm the best at picking out colors, she's the best at applying the paint on walls. It's a good balance. If I could have a job where all I do is pick out colors all day for various things, I'd be happy.

2. Christmas. Why I am thinking about that already? Because typically we go to Iowa (east side) for my mom's side Christmas Eve bash, which takes some planning because you have to have the air ticket, rental car, hotel room, etc. And this year we decided we are not doing that, but instead doing something with B's side. Now we need to determine whether we will spend it with his mom in Iowa (west side) or his sister's in Dallas. Once again, there will be air, car and hotel involved, so if we don't plan now we'll end up with either no airplane/car/hotel or we'll have to pay a fortune. Ugh, it's really too early for this.

1. Cancun. That is our vacation destination for late May 2008. It has been decided, and now we just need to decide where. B and I have not had a real get-away vacation since 2001, so it's about time. We're looking at a week vacation, preferably an all-inclusive resort that doesn't allow kids. Sorry, but I don't feel like dealing with kids on my vacation. All I want to do is be outside on the beach by/in the Caribbean water. Drink margaritas, eat some good cuisine, see some good sights and just R-E-L-A-X with my B. A week without connectivity to the outside world will do me good. I need to reset.

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