The Iowa Trip

So this weekend B and I went to Iowa to the farm. Though the travel time was long, the weather was gorgeous and we really enjoyed hanging out with the family.

First things first - Grandma looked as well as could be expected. She's going to be ok, but it will be a rough road ahead. I found out from my Mom during a five minute private/side conversation that Grandma's heart damage is extensive - her heart is now working at 25% capacity. This means from here on out she will be extremely limited in what she is able to do. The end result will probably mean a move to a smaller home - either "in town" or perhaps a modular home on the farm property. Either way it will be a difficult couple of months for everyone.

During our visit we managed to see my uncle Kenny in the fields harvesting the last of the corn. It's been years since I've been around during harvest time, so it really brought back a lot of great memories from my childhood. I've always known farming is one of the most difficult businesses out there - especially for a smaller farmer - but just seeing everything my uncle had to go through just to finish the last 30 rows of corn was unbelievable. Luckily my aunt was available to come out and help him maneuver some of the equipment. After 13 hours the last of the corn was finished; this week it will be the beans.

Speaking in general terms, it was great being back in Iowa/Illinois. Everytime I go back I feel at home. It was great to be surrounded by Cubs/Bears fans; great, friendly people; gently rolling hills that allow for spectacular sunrises and sunsets; familiar meal favorites such as pork tenderloin sandwiches; grocery stores that actually carry the good brands you grew up with but can't seem to find in Ohio; and of course our family was there, so that's the topping on the cake. I know we're stuck in Ohio until B finishes his MBA, but I take comfort in knowing that the time will fly by and soon we'll be able to move back and truly settle down.

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