24 Hours

In the last 24 hours:

1. We went to watch the Indians game on the big screen at the Jake and they lost horribly. Tonight is the final game, amongst accusations of drug use by one of their pitchers.

2. There was a huge upset in Formula One; Kimi took the title. Now there are allegations regarding the fuel levels of three of the top eight cars. If by chance those cars are disqualified then Hamilton would take the title. What a mess.

3. On the way home from the grocery store we were driving through the two-lane country roads (we live on the edge between city and country living). We saw cars slowing down ahead of us, as one of them was making a turn into a driveway. Unfortunately the motorcyclist ahead of us didn't see them slowing down. B started saying "That guy isn't going to make it" but before he could get the whole sentence out the motorcycle hit the back of the car in front of him. He flew above the handlebars, hit his back on the back of the car's rear window and then rolled down the rest of the car onto the street. It was like a ragdoll being thrown up against the back of a car.

Just like that, we were witnesses and also first responders. B jumped out of the car and immediately tended to the guy, asking him his name, where he lived and just keeping him talking. I called 911; there was another big accident about 10 miles away, so there was some confusion amongst the operators that this was a separate accident, but help arrived after a very long five minutes. The guy was bleeding from his mouth, his clothes and hands were pretty cut up but he was alert at all times. We stuck around for about 40 minutes until they had our statement and gave us the ok to leave. B even helped the EMT guys; he did a great job. The smell of gas will stick with me for awhile, as well as the image of that guy flying above the bike and hitting the car. We're glad he's ok; the other accident nearby sounded a lot worse from what we heard from the responders.

When we had left the grocery store I had set eggs and bread in the backseat so nothing would get crushed in the trunk. Though I started slowing down when I saw the cars up ahead break, I must have stopped the car pretty hard once we saw the accident...when we got home the eggs and bread were on the floor in the back. Half the eggs were broken and the bread was pretty smashed. A small price to pay. This has been a very strange weekend.

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Chrissy said...

Accidents like that always make me physically sick. I have to stop myself from gagging & I start to tremble all over. Kudos to Brad for keeping a level head & steady hand, and to you for hanging in there too. Thank goodness he was okay!