Thank goodness, Friday is here! It's been a busy week with a lot of twists and turns, so I'm looking forward to 5pm.

So what's in store for the weekend? I don't think I feel up to painting, but my body may surprise me. I had another acupuncture treatment Monday and I usually feel pretty crappy for a week or two afterwards, which I'm told is a positive sign. At least that is what I've been told.

My main focus this weekend will be helping my family. Mom is still in Iowa, and my Dad and their cat is suffering. We've had Benny for over 16 years; he was actually a "We're sorry we moved you again" gift for me and my brother when we moved to Austin, Texas in 1991. But since I left home he's really been my Mom's cat; her baby. For the past couple of weeks he has had difficulty eating and has lost a couple of pounds. It's not good. Tests have been run and it's been narrowed down to a curable intestinal disease or non-curable lymphoma. To add to that, my Dad is also not eating much and also losing weight, and he doesn't have a lot to lose; he's now sick, which is really unusual for him.

It's very accurate to say my Mom plays a big part in keeping Dad and the cat healthy, so her month-long absence is really taking a toll. Though I've been trying to help out with the cat this week, this weekend my focus will be on my Dad. He's not a cook and he hates eating out, so instead he just doesn't eat. To solve that problem I've spoken with my mom and gotten my Dad's list of favorite meals, which I'll start making tonight. All stuff I can just freeze and then all he has to do is heat it up and eat.

Besides spending time with B I'm not sure what else we'll do besides typical household stuff. Who knows, maybe I will do a little painting after all.

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Chrissy said...

At what point did we become the parents? Good job taking care of your dad! I'm sure he'll really appreciate it. Losing a cat is never fun...I hope it's the curable intestinal disease!