I woke up Saturday feeling better than I have in months. With B at school with his work group I decided to do something I haven't done in years - paint.

We purchased paint a few months ago; my mom was "contracted" to do the job. She loves painting and it gives her something to do. However, she has spent the last month in Iowa and though she's coming home soon I know she has a lot of projects piled up at their own fairly new home. So when I realized how great I felt Saturday and the lack of pain I had, I decided to surprise everyone including myself and to start painting our upstairs hallway.

Since becoming an adult I have only painted one room; that was my office in Minnesota. When we moved to our house I had surgery four days later, so for three weeks my mom would come on occasion and check on me and painted our main floor rooms while I was recuperating. The only room painted upstairs was our bedroom, which I want to repaint a slightly darker color than what it is currently.

Due to my lack of painting skills I went on the Behr web site and read their painting tips. I then got out our supplies out of our basement and went at it. The end result was about five hours on my feet and a really nicely painted hallway! B came home after about 30 minutes into it and did pitch in a bit, otherwise I never would have gotten as much done as I did. (thanks, B!)

Saturday evening I was sore, but Sunday it was even worse. Though the acupuncture has been helping, I'm still having these horrible pains in my legs/feet whenever I stand or walk for more than a half hour or so. I really do think it's some sort of peripheral neuropathy, aka nerve damage from my back surgery and who knows what else. Last night I couldn't even fall asleep until 1:30am, and that was after hours of drugging myself. It's this stupid sharp nails/pins and a"fire" sensation. I think I might have to bite the bullet and see a neuro guy.

So I woke up wishing I could miss work, only to find that B was in worse shape with his back. The poor guy could barely walk; still not sure why. I made him stay home and take care of himself, supplying him with pillows and some of my better pills before I left for work. I hope it's nothing serious; only one of us needs back problems in this household, thank you very much. But for now we're both a couple of cripples.

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