Made it to Round Three

I have an update on the interview process with an old employer for the Controller position.

I've officially made it to Round Three - a face to face interview. I made it through the first round - the resume test. I was one of eight people chosen to do a phone interview. I had the phone interview on Monday evening, and though I was told they were probably going to have their decision on next steps at the end of the week I just found out I made it through round two and will be one of 2-3 people brought in for face-to-face interviews.

The interview will be on November 2, so I have 10 days to mentally prepare. I know I have a lot of things working in my favor, as the President told me three times on Monday that the person I would be replacing was really happy I chose to apply for the position. My old boss was a tough person to please and that means a lot. I know his opinion will mean a lot to the leadership in making their decision.

At this point I'm happy I've come this far. I'll definitely be disappointed if I don't end up with an offer, but at minimum it will provide me with a chance to see everyone again and also provide me an opportunity to practice my interview skills. All will not be lost.

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Chrissy said...

GOOD LUCK! It's already an amazing accomplishment that you've made it this far in such a competitive market! Know you're the shit, go in there & kick some ass!