Can you say "choke"?

My parents invited B and I out to The Jake to watch the Indians/Red Sox game. The team was in Boston but they opened up the park to about 10,000 people. Most of the seats were free, but my Dad splurged for the $25 seats since they included free, unlimited food. My Grandma B. and her husband also came along.

The stadium seats that were open to the public were full of people who were ready to celebrate their victory. Unfortunately for them it never came. The team, every single member, choked. Big time. By the end of the third inning the people were streaming out of the stands in a mass of red and blue.

On the plus side the weather was perfect, we had great seats to not only see the big screen but also the production team to the right of us. On the train ride back to the burbs we had a group of younger kids that were hilarious - interviewing the people on the train about their thoughts on the game and also providing some sketch comedy, singing and dance moves. It was truly the best part of the evening!

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