Welcome Back/Weekend

My mom returned home late Monday evening, so Tuesday after work I stopped by the house and spent a few hours with her. It was great to talk to her for more than five minutes and without interruptions. The cat was particularly happy to see her, though it was short-lived; she took him to the vet to have a biopsy Tuesday morning and they had to keep him overnight. We'll know in a week whether it's cancer.

It will take awhile for her to settle back into things, but it's nice to have her back. We have very different personalities and we don't always see eye to eye, but I'm still grateful she's my mom.

In terms of this past weekend, it flew by. B and I went to a big farm south of Youngstown where they have fresh produce - including apples and pumpkins - and fresh baked goods. Their donuts were excellent; the best I've had since we moved here. They also carried a Sumatra coffee which B really liked the smell of, but chose not to purchase it at this time since he already had plenty of coffee at home. We will definitely go back for the donuts and coffee, even if it is a 70 mile drive! We also painted a bit more, and of course did the typical household stuff.

We watched "Blades of Glory" on PayPerView Saturday evening, and Jenna Fisher is officially on B's "list" now due to a scene where she's dressed pretty scantily. I love Will Arnett but overall the movie was pretty bad. I'd rank it a solid "D".

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