I have no motivation left for today. Sure, it doesn't help being up since about 3:15am this morning and driving into work while it was still pitch black outside. It's just been a rough week physically; lots of pain, more than what I had before the last acupuncture appointment. Of course that makes the days hard to get through and it causes me to be up quite a bit at night, despite any drugs I might take to counter that. I'll give it another week and if I'm still this bad I might have to return for another visit.

The week has gone by pretty fast, and it's one of those where you look back and wonder where you spent your time. I think 50% of it was in meetings, 40% was preparing for two conferences, one which we are sponsoring a morning coffee break for, and 10% was reading/responding to e-mails. I do not think I worked on any project work this week, but that's mostly because we currently have very few active projects at the moment.

Saturday will probably go by pretty fast. Have to take the car in for it's 35,000 mile service. We are attending the visitation and funeral for my co-workers daughter; I'm going to say right now it will probably be the most heartwrenching service I have attended in my life. At some point will probably have a nice lunch or dinner out with the parents.

Not sure what else we will do, but unless the pain goes down some I might just be laying around when I'm not doing that other stuff. I can't complain, since I really had a few weeks this past month where I felt good. Having one good day is better than no good days.

Next week should be a decent week. Most of the people are out of the office on client travel, so that's a big plus. Tuesday there is a local healthcare conference that I get to attend, so that will give me a little something different to do.

I have officially been asked to participate in a 15 minute pre-interview with my former employer's President for the Controller position, so I'm looking forward to (yet nervous about) that. From there I believe they will narrow the 10-15 candidates down further and then maybe have 5-7 people at most come in for face-to-face interviews. I feel I do really well for the in-person interviews; phone is a lot harder, but I've done it before and had good luck. Since I've been through the interview process with them before at least I somewhat know what to expect.

I hope everyone out there has a great weekend. And, since I've decided I need to show a bit more support for the city, "Go Indians." And for the Formula 1 fans out there who happen to come across this blog, "Go Hamilton!"

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