Sports to Watch

There are several big games to watch this week:

Sunday - Bears vs. Vikings at Soldier Field. Out of all the football teams, I find the Vikings the easiest to hate. Vikings must lose today....take 'em down! (Update: We LOST. Oh, the pain.)

This week - Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox. Since the Cubs are out of the playoffs, I guess I have to root for the Indians to win. I don't really care, but a lot of people around me do. (Update: It's 3 (Cleveland) to 2 (Boston). Can Cleveland take the fourth win Saturday?)

Next Saturday/Sunday - Formula 1, final race in Brazil. It's a three-way title race; I'm hoping Hamilton can close the door and win his the title his rookie year. It will be an exciting close to a season riddled with scandal. (Update: Hamilton didn't get pole, but he's second. Can he pull out a win Sunday?)

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