It didn't last long

Given where I work it makes perfect sense that the warm, fuzzy feeling of last Thursday is long gone. Already.

I had my performance review today. Every year it's the same thing...the three owners get together and rate you. This year it's either "meets" or "not meets," plus a description of why they rank you that way for each item. They also make each person fill out a form for themselves.

Though I had all "meets", it's the descriptions that always throw myself (and everyone else here) in a tizzy. Basically the unofficial rule is that the partners get together and rather than determine to describe you has how you usually are, they pick that once instance from months ago that they barely remember and that's what they put down. You're then left with these weird comments that make you say "Um, when did this happen?"

I had four of those "Where did this come from?" comments today. It was a total joke. For instance, and I kid you not, they feel I "put too much on my plate". Huh??? Um, I don't assign myself responsibilities around here, they do. And most employers I know would love to have someone who takes on a lot and still gets it done accurately and before/by the deadline. I'm not even going to get into the other ones, but it does follow a trend.

I'm proud of myself for speaking up and telling two of the partners who did the review that the big problem is that everyone is always blindsided this time of year with these one-time situations. I told them that if something is a problem then I would appreciate them taking me aside and telling me what they perceived I did "wrong", rather than storing it in their mind and then putting it down on paper months later.

I have told B this every year after every review I've had with my current employer but I really, really mean it this year - I will NOT be around come review time next year. There's nothing holding me back, now. I'm not perfect health-wise but it's manageable and I'm not having to fear additional surgeries at this point. I've been with this company 3.5 years, I don't owe them anything at this point. I've done what I can and it's time to move on for my own sanity.

The good news from today is that I did find out that my old employer has made the first round of cuts from resumes received for the open Controller position, and I did make the first cut. They are anticipating to start the second round - interviews - next week. It's time to get prepared for the interview of my working career. Game on!

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